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To accompany the launch of our new advocacy document on Tuesday 12th November 2013 at the Museums Association Conference, the UMG has created a new Twitter account @UnivMuseumsGrp.

The twitter presence will aim to complement the UMGs wider advocacy work by promoting the advocacy document and our updated website, as well as raising awareness of the diversity and activities of university museums.

We have set up several series of regular tweets to ensure there is regular and interesting output from the account.  At the moment these are:

#UnivMus  a daily tweet (Monday-Friday) showcasing a single university museum, linking to its web page (and twitter name if it has one).  These will kick off on Monday 11th November 2013 with the Victoria Museum and Gallery in Liverpool; after that we have scheduled them in more or less random order to demonstrate the range and diversity of university museums.  If there are particular dates which it would be appropriate to schedule your museum (or any other museum) it is very easy to adjust the scheduling to allow this – for example if a museum has a major event or anniversary, or there is a wider event such as the Festival of Archaeology or Science week.  To do this please contact Liz Hide at University of Cambridge.

#inspiringprojects   a weekly series showcasing interesting and impactful projects from across the University Museum sector.   Initially this will work its way through the list of projects featured as case studies in the Advocacy document but hopefully will expand and continue to feature more projects from the list of case studies sent in by museums.

#TopFacts   an occasional series of juicy facts about University Museums, taken from the UMG advocacy document (for example, ‘nearly 4 million people visited a University Museum in 2012-13’).

All of this promises to add a very significant dimension to UMG’s advocacy work and audience reach.  If you’re not already on twitter, you should be able to see the tweeting activity by clicking on







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