Changes to subscription rates

At the UMG AGM in June 2014 a proposal to simplify the subscription scales was agreed.

The old scale was complicated, was not being consistently used and did not allow for individuals to join as members.

The new subscription rates simplify and improve the membership structure.  They are based on the following principles:

  • Membership of UMG should aim to further the reach of UMG within HEIs
  • Large museums/galleries should pay more than small ones
  • Membership scale should aim for transparency in the way that museums/galleries use the scale of memberships
  • The aim should be for a simple scheme what keeps administration to a minimum
  • The new system should aim to increase income from subscription fees, but not to a level that prohibits organisations from joining
  • new categories of individual member and student member should be created

The following new structure was agreed:

University with one participating university museum/gallery £50

University to 2/3 participating university museums/galleries £100

University with 4 or more particpating university museums/galleries £200

Individual members £50

Non-university museum organisations, UMIS and university museums outside the UK  £50

Student members £20


The revised subscription form is now available to download from the  JOIN page of the website.






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