Consultancy on University Museums Group Governance

The University Museums Group (UMG) are seeking to appoint a consultant to review its current role and to make recommendations on its future governance, organisational structure, objectives and financial sustainability.

This will enable UMG to work to support the needs of member institutions more effectively, over a challenging period.

The consultant will review and make recommendations concerning the governance of UMG. The Committee expect the recommendations to include revisions to UMG’s constitution, membership arrangements, accounting and auditing.

Specifically the consultant will:

  • Review UMG’s current constitution and its organisational status with a
    view to recommending a revised model, or appropriate options, to the UMG committee. This may include a comparator review of other sector support organisations and an assessment of the potential for UMG to seek
    charitable status.
  • Review UMG’s financial structure, including the role and responsibilities of the Treasurer; its accounting and auditing arrangements, and its
    membership fees. This may include a review of other sector support
    organisations (such as AIM, SSNs, GEM etc.).

The consultant should prepare

  • A draft, revised constitution
  • Specific guidance regarding appropriate banking, accounting and auditing
  • Guidance regarding the costs and potential benefits of securing charitable

Tenders should be submitted by 8 April 2019. These should consist of a proposal outlining how the work would be approached, of no more than 2 pages, a summary CV, and a fee proposal.

For full details of the consultancy and tendering process please download the UMG Governance Consultancy Brief.






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