Executive Committee vacancies

There are three openings on the UMG Executive Committee for new members, and in addition we are looking to fill the role of Treasurer. This is an exciting time for UMG, as following on from last year’s consultation we are relaunching the organisation, seeking to involve the widest possible range of colleagues and institutions, and working towards an association that supports the sector in a responsive, effective and representative way. We are looking for new members who will help us drive this forward.

The Executive Committee welcomes expressions of interest from members interested in joining the committee.

Further information, including details of the application process, are available here.

In the event of more candidates being nominated than positions, an election will be held by ballot at the AGM.

Expressions of interest must be received by Friday 30 August 2019 in order to circulate the statements with the AGM papers. Please send to UMG Secretary Jo McPhee.






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