UMG Survey in response to COVID-19 crisis

The DCMS Committee has launched an inquiry into the ‘Impact of Covid-19 on DCMS sectors’. It will consider both the immediate and long-term impact that Covid-19 and the related social and financial measures are having on the wide range of industries and organisations under the Committee’s remit.

To inform our collective response to this inquiry, UMG is gathering evidence from members via a Survey.

Why it matters:

  • Findings will inform UMG response to the DCMS call-out for evidence
  • They will shape a strong advocacy position and discussions with Research England.
  • They will provide a UK-wide summary of the challenge facing university museums, that you can use with your host institutions and funders.

In line with the DCMS call out, the consultation aims to:

  • Assess the immediate impacts of COVID-19 on university museum
  • Assess the efficacy of support provided to university museums to date
  • Consider the likely long-term impacts of COVID-19 on university museums
  • Ask how might the university museums sector evolve after COVID-19, and how can DCMS support such innovation to deal with future challenges?

Download the Survey here.

Completed surveys should be returned to by 4 May. We only need one return per institution.






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