January 21, 2018

World Database of University Museums and Collections

UMAC (ICOM’s International Committee for University Museums and Collections) has renovated the design and functionality of its World Database of University Museums and Collections:


The new database is more attractive, functional and user-friendly. It is also much easier to navigate and now includes maps and images.

There are many UK university museums and collections represented in the database.  UMG members are urged to check that they are included in the database and that if they are, their information is up to date.  Museums can edit their own records on the database.

If your museum or collection is not represented, simply press ‘participate’ while you are in the database and complete the online form.


September 27, 2016

Minister speaks at UMG conference

The keynote address at the 2016 UMG annual conference was delivered by the Rt Hon Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital and Culture.  This was Mr Hancock’s first major speech on museums since he was appointed to the post.

Mr Hancock used his speech to highlight the important role of universities in the development of public museums in the UK.  He then addressed some of the challenges facing museums using the conference theme of ‘Better Together’.

Looking first at how government and museums can work better together, Mr Hancock then went on to consider how museums can work better with audiences.  He finished by considering the implications of the digital age for partnership and collaboration, saying:

“As Minister for Digital and Culture, I want to drive this synthesis of culture with digital technology, and when it comes to the digitisation and dissemination of our great collections, I want Britain to be a world leader.

Because it’s at this nexus – where Tech meets art, where digital meets creativity – that we will build a strong and thriving future economy that can work for all.”

The full text of the speech can be found here.



April 2, 2014

Digital Technology Showcase: call for entries

'How pictures learnt to walk' devised by Dr Birgit Beumers (University of Bristol), Dr Julia Bracegirdle (Bristol School of Animation, University of West England) and Aerian Studios

'How pictures learnt to walk' devised by Dr Birgit Beumers (University of Bristol), Dr Julia Bracegirdle (Bristol School of Animation, University of West England) and Aerian Studios

Digital Technology Showcase: Call for Entries


Digital Dimensions

12-13 June 2014

Wickham Theatre, University of Bristol, Bristol

University Museums Group (UMG) is looking to showcase innovative digital projects produced through collaborations between museums and universities at its annual conference, Digital Dimensions .

Have you been involved in a digital project in which university and museum professionals have worked together to:

(1) find a museum application for a digital technology used in a different discipline or that is the result of blue sky research;(2) user test a new digital technology in a museum environment; and/or (3) use university research methods to evaluates the efficacy of a new technology and/or to understand the impact of digital technology on museum practice?

If so, we would like to hear from you!

The Digital Technology Showcase, where selected projects will be presented, will kick off the conference (Thursday, 12 June).  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their work with conference speakers and attendees, which will include representatives from NESTA, AHRC, Google Culture Institute, ACE and members of the academic and museums community across the UK.

If you would like your project considered for the Digital Technology Showcase, please prepare a 1-page description of your project including: (1) the technology involved; (2) the use of the technology in a museum context; (3) the university and museum collaborators involved; and (4) how your project demonstrates the benefits of university and museum collaborations.  Please also provide images or link to a video showing how your project works in action.  Any university or museum, including local authority, independent or university-based museums, is eligible to apply as long as the project has a substantial component of university/museum collaboration.

Send these materials to Tonya Nelson, Head of UCL Museums and Collections, at tonya.nelson@ucl.ac.uk by 5 May 2014.  Selected participants will be informed by 12 May 2014.  At least one member of your project team should be available to attend the Digital Showcase on 12 June 2014.

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