Packed Lunch: Networking session

Health and Wellbeing Practice at University Museums

Wednesday 24 November 2021

In the unprecedented times we’re living in and working through, the ability of culture, collections, histories and heritage to enhance the quality of life and improve health and wellbeing has never been more needed.

This event explored the innovative ways university museums have been using their collections and resources to respond to issues of health and wellbeing over the last 18 months. Featuring a programme of short presentations from university museum colleagues, the session shared examples of projects taking place across our sector and considered whether university museums are playing a unique role in developing this practice.


The O-ACE Project – how can online museum content be beneficial for mental health?
Helen Adams, University of Oxford

Monet in Mind: Mindfulness and Mental Health in Covid-19
Katherine Dunleavy, The Courtauld

Barber Health Community Outreach: Connections, Collaboration & Creativity in Covid-19 recovery
Shelagh Musgrave & Flora Kay, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Prescribe Culture’s Lockdown Pathways
Ruthanne Baxter, University of Edinburgh

Initial reflections on the SWELS project: how working in cultural spaces benefits university students’ wellbeing
Dr Thomas Kador & Esme Elsden, University College London

Every Body is a Classical Body: Using a cast collection to tackle body image with teenagers
Dr Susanne Turner, University of Cambridge

The networking session was followed by the AGM. Download the minutes.


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