Networking Event 2023: Research & Research Partnerships

Thursday 23rd November at 2.00pm via Zoom

Please join us for a virtual networking session in which we hear from our colleagues across a range of university museums for examples of recent and innovative practice concerning research and research partnerships! To be followed directly by UMG’s AGM


The recording of the presentations is available here:
Passcode: MTSXiH8*




Programme item  Duration 
2.00pm  Co-Chairs’ Welcome  5 mins 


Dr Kate Noble, University of Cambridge 

‘The museum is changing’: activating the power of participatory research in the university museum 

10 mins 


Dr Ollie Douglas, University of Reading 

Conversational pathways to Research Development at The MERL 

10 mins 
2.25pm  Richard Martin, Royal College of Music 

Introducing the Wolfson Centre in Music and Material Culture 

10 mins 


Dr Phil Wickham, University of Exeter 

Stipends and Scripts: enabling research partnerships at The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum 

10 mins 


Layla Bloom, University of Leeds 

‘Herbert Read: A Legacy in British Art History’ – Curatorial Research and Engagement 

10 mins 
2.55pm  Q&A  10 mins 
3.05pm  Closing remarks by Co-Chairs  5 mins 
3.10pm  Break  5 mins 
3.15pm  AGM begins  45 mins 

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