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  • Covid-19: Beyond the Crisis?

    ‘Covid 19: Beyond the Crisis?‘ results from the survey undertaken by the UMG committee in April 2021. As with our report published a year ago, this is a powerful document. The report clearly articulates the continuing impacts of the Covid crisis on our sector and our members’ concerns, especially over funding, capital works, research and teaching, but […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 29 May 2020

    This week Nicola joined an ACE museum organisations’ meeting on Wednesday, and we both attended the Minister’s museums and galleries reopening task force yesterday. A few headlines: Both ACE and the Heritage Fund are looking beyond the current ’emergency’ programmes to a ‘stabilisation’ phase of funding, and in the case of ACE a third ‘reset’ […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 26 May 2020

    We attach the report, ‘Assessing the Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on University Museums‘, resulting from the survey undertaken by the UMG committee at the end of April. We feel this report is a clear and powerful document, capturing both the immediate situation during the lock down period and flagging up key concerns for University […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 14 May 2020

    We can report on two fronts – reopening and the UMG survey. (We assume that you are aware of the widely-reported extension of the Job Retention Scheme and the state of play with current funding schemes – links provided in earlier updates). 1 – Reopening Government guidance for England now indicates that museums and galleries […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 29 April 2020

    An update from the weekly DCMS meeting for museum organisations. The launch of a new loan scheme for small and medium businesses, the ‘Bounce Back Loan Scheme’, was noted; the discussion which followed asked for clarity from Treasury that charities could apply, although it was felt that few charities in the museum sector would have […]

  • UMG Survey in response to COVID-19 crisis

    The DCMS Committee has launched an inquiry into the ‘Impact of Covid-19 on DCMS sectors’. It will consider both the immediate and long-term impact that Covid-19 and the related social and financial measures are having on the wide range of industries and organisations under the Committee’s remit. To inform our collective response to this inquiry, […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 15 April 2020

    These notes draw primarily on an extended meeting for museum organisations hosted by ACE this morning, and the weekly DCMS museums meeting this afternoon, as well as other updates we have received. Discussion has continued to focus on the immediate crisis; we anticipate that over the next few weeks we should get some insight into […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 9 April 2020

    These notes draw on a DCMS cross-sector meeting yesterday (8 April) and a meeting between DCMS and ourselves today (9 April), as well as other updates and advice we have received. The DCMS museums team has been closely monitoring independent and other museums that may face insolvency within 8 weeks, while noting that there is […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 30 March 2020

    Notes from today’s DCMS-hosted museum sector meeting: 30 March 2020. The broad picture Many heritage organisations, including independent museums, do not have the capacity to continue trading for more than a few months, notwithstanding the various support schemes announced by the government. University museums will be looking at the (more or less damaging) loss of […]

  • Update from Co-Chairs, 25 March 2020

    The Co-Chairs have joined a DCMS museum representatives’ group that is currently running a short meeting every week (the other participants include ACE, NMDC, the MA, AIM, the Heritage Fund and the devolved administrations). The headlines from the meeting were: Building access Following the UMG Committee discussion referred to in yesterday’s update, many members have […]


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