November 16, 2013

Manchester Museum knowledge creation

At the Manchester Museum, students are engaged in knowledge creation through to knowledge exchange, all based around collections. Museum staff deliver distinctive forms of teaching on biodiversity and environmental change, object-based learning and creative learning, Museum collections and exhibitions form the basis of lectures, student projects, tutorials or self-led tours, Collections are supplemented by online films, smartphone apps and an augmented reality ‘field trip’. PhD students deliver educational sessions for schools as part of A-level study days. Students, including volunteers and students on placements, assist with curatorial activities and with public events, gaining both subject specialist and transferrable skills.

November 16, 2013

Betty Smithers Design Collection at Staffordshire University

A recent project at the Betty Smithers Design Collection at Staffordshire University demonstrates how collections can provide an alternative approach to enhance the student experience. A severely visually impaired student on placement at the Collection undertook a project on the changing attitudes toward clothing. Because of the BSDC approach to handling objects, she was able to ‘read’ how garments from the ‘Make Do and Mend’ era compared to modern disposable fashion from outlets such as Primark. By being able to feel the different fabrics used and the different methods of construction she could investigate and contrast the making processes used then and now.

November 16, 2013

Museum University Student Educators

The Hunterian, University of Glasgow has recently introduced regular public gallery tours led by student MUSEs (Museum University Student Educators). Guides are recruited in conjunction with the University’s Careers Service. The popular 30-minute tours offer an excellent learning experience to the students and a unique interpretative perspective on the collections for visitors. The public response has been extremely enthusiastic. In the first year of the programme, student MUSEs came mainly from Arts based disciplines but 2013 has witnessed a growing interest by students from science and social science based disciplines, increasing impact across the University’s four Colleges. MUSEs increasingly help to communicate student engagement activities to the wider student body at University Open Days and Freshers Fairs.

Active outreach and an open door to connect with communities through collections